Take Advantage of Improved Benefits within the

By improving on the limited nature of the traditional Individual Pension Plan (IPP), The Personal Pension Plan™ can provide greater flexibility, increased tax benefits and higher returns for professionals looking to expand their retirement options.

Shelter More Income

Build a larger retirement nest-egg with a Personal Pension Plan™ (PPP®) by increased contribution levels on an annual basis.

Greater Asset Safety

Savings within a pension plan are protected from the claims of trade creditors, with tax-exempt roll-over of existing RRSP assets providing additional protection.

Tax Deduction Of Fees

All investment, actuarial, administration and trustee fees related to a PPP® can be deducted from corporate income.

Mitigate Market Loss

Ensure full funding of your pension plan - additional tax-deductible contributions are allowed each year to top up a PPP®.

Greater compounding power with

The Personal Pension Plan™

The Personal Pension Plan™ is a Canadian tax-savings solution for business owners and incorporated professionals looking for a better way of saving for their retirement. As compared to an RRSP, a PPP® allows up to 60% greater tax-deferred compounding until the individual retires.

Contribution Flexibility
Unlike an RRSP, the combination potential within a PPP® allows a switch between Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution components to compensate for fluctuations in the economic climate of a business.

Features INTEGRIS™ Personal Pension Plan™ RRSP
Maximum Annual Contribution Limit $ 29,126 - $ 45,711* $ 27,230**
Flexibility to Choose Contribution Options
(Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution)
Fiduciary Oversight
Broader Investment Options
Robust Creditor Protection **
Tax Deductible Administration & Investment Management Fees
HST 33% Credit Refund
Deduction of Interest on Borrowing
Full Service Administration
Ability to Make Additional Tax Deductible Contributions During Market Volatility

* Increased Contribution levels are dependent on age of plan holder.
** RRSP may be protected by the Insurance Act of Ontario.

Greater Scope for Investments
The PPP® provides greater flexibility for investments in a wide range of non-traditional investment vehicles that are otherwise not available inside of an RRSP.

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