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  • To find out exactly how much better off your client would be using a PPP® to save for retirement vs an RRSP, please complete the fillable PPP® Illustration Request e-form and return this form to: [email protected] for processing
  • Click here to perform a quick comparison of how much more retirement savings can be accumulated in a PPP® over an RRSP: PPP® vs RRSP Calculator  [Time required: under 30 seconds]
  • In order to get confidential login access to the HUB Distributor Portal where you will find; how to upload a custom PPP Illustration quote online for your clients and prospects, PPP marketing materials and brochures, fact sheets, Compliance Manuals and other resources to help you understand and market the PPP – please complete the Distributor Portal User Request e-Form and send it directly to:[email protected]
  • To review the legal and regulatory framework that makes the PPP® possible, we recommend reading our legal memo designed for accountants: PPP® Memo for CPAs  [Time required: 30-45 minutes]
  • Check out this short animated video you can share with clients: PPP® Video  [Time required: 2.6 minutes]
  • More information about the  can be found on the HUB PPP® microsite:
  • Interested in learning about INTEGRIS? Visit our corporate website: INTEGRIS Corporate website
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